Friday, November 8, 2013

Pinwheel Polish "Harvest Collection" (Swatches + Review)

Hello again ladies! Today I have swatches + reviews of Janna's "Harvest Collection" that is being released today!

There is a total of 8 polishes in this collection. 1 crelly, 1 glitter topper, and 6 shimmers. 

To avoid repetition throughout this post, I'm just going to type it once here, (1) I used 1 coat of Out the Door topcoat for all the swatches (2) All the shimmers dried quickly and required no undies! (3) With careful application, you'll get no visible brush strokes like I did in some of the shimmer swatches. I personally don't mind visible brush strokes, so I didn't worry too much about application. (4) All the polishes were a DREAM to put on, they were as smooth as buttah!

Crushed Leaves is an off-white crelly with an array of fall colored glitters. This polish has medium and small green, red, orange and yellow hex and square glitters along with large, medium and small brown hex glitters and copper hexes all in a milky white base with micro copper glitter. I used 2 thin coats (no fishing or glitter placement!) over 1 coat of white. I absolutely LOVE this polish. The name most definitely suits this polish, it's perfect!!

Autumn Air is a glitter topper that consists of beautiful iridescent glitter that give off different colors depending on the lighting, angle and the base you are wearing. I used 2 thin coats of "Autumn Air" over "Beau Khaki" + "Nirvana" by Sinful Colors. 

Apple Tart is a gorgeous bright yet deep red shimmer. I used 2 thin coats. You could probably get away with 1 medium-thick coat because it is so opaque! I used two because my nails are quite long and I'm use to always doing thin coats. This color is so beautiful, it's so hard to explain how amazing it looks. It's bright but it still makes me think of fall, not summer. I think the slight shimmer makes it look so perfect.

Fall Sky is a blue-green with a gold shimmer undertone. I used 3 thin coats. 

Firewood is golden brown with gold shimmer undertones. I used 2 thin coats. 

Haystack is a peachy shade with very slight purple, pink and yellow shimmer undertones. I used 3 coats. 

Plum Harvest is a purple with red flecks of glitter with slight silver and turquoise shimmer undertones. I used 3 thin coats. The little red flecks are so much more visible in person.

Sage is a very deep olive green with goldish yellow, green and a slight orange shimmer. I used 2 thin coats.

The shimmers in this collection are absoultely lovely! They're opaque in 2-3 thin coats and dry very quickly. I think this collection is the first Janna has done that doesn't mainly consist of her usual glitter bombs (I'm not complaining though, her glitter bombs are always so gorgeous!!). 

This collection has just been released on Janna's online shop!