Friday, March 6, 2015

Born Pretty Store- Stamping plates review

Hello lovelies! ! Today I have some Born Pretty Store stamping plates and their stamper & scraper to show you guys.
I recently started getting into stamping so when BPS asked me if I wanted to review some of their plates & stamper, of course I said yes!

Stamper & Scraper set (item #17682)
First, let's begin with the scraper. Usually I am not a fan of scrapers with a blade because they scratch up the plates and I personally don't like the look of that so I was pleasantly surprised that this one did not scratch any of my plates at all! It didn't scratch my plate and it removed the polish nicely. No matter how hard I pressed, it did no damage to my plates so I was pretty pleased. 

Okay now I'll get into the stamper. I just want to start off by saying that I love it! It is absolutely amazing. It is nice and squishy but not too squishy, the perfect firmness for me! It picks up the images perfectly every time. I haven't had any problems with it not picking up an image or having bald spots when I pick up. I would definitely recommend this stamper to anyone who is looking for a good, affordable stamper!
Here is a macro shot of a design I did using the BPS stamper, look at those crisp lines!

Stamping Plate- BP-02 (item #16849)
This is the first stamping plate I picked out because I had been wanting to do a lace French tip on my sister so when I saw this, I knew it would be perfect! This plate is very nicely engraved, I had no problems picking up any of the designs. I was worried that it might be a little difficult considering there is a lot of fine lines but had absolutely no issues with them. 
In this mani I used BP-02, the design on the bottom left corner. 

Stamping Plate- BP-48 (item #18791)
This plate, like the last one, is also very nicely engraved. I had no issues picking up any of the designs. I was concerned about the butterfly since it is kind of a big empty space and sometimes with those types of designs, you can scrape them wrong and end up with a bald spot. I tried it a few times and was getting a bald spot right in the middle of the butterfly but then I remembered @NailStamp4Fun's advice about scraping in different directions and maybe that might help, and it did! I simply scraped from the bottom to the top and it worked perfectly. I tried it a couple times to see if it was just luck but no, scraping in that direction helped me avoid the bald spot I was creating with my scraper. 

For this mani I used BP-48 and the BPS stamper. The design I used was the one on the bottom right corner. 

Stamping Plate- BP-L002 (item #17920)

This plate is a larger, rectangular plate with a pink plastic like backing to it compared to the other two which are smaller, round plates with a white backing that have printed on them. From the minute I saw this plate on other nail girls' pages on Instagram, I knew I had to have it! I was not disappointed when I finally tried it myself, the images are so gorgeous and are nicely engraved. I love these type of plates that are fully engraved because there is so much versatility to them. I tried  the whole plate and every thing picks up amazingly, I had no issues with it. 

 For this mani I used BP-L002. The design is the flower on the bottom left corner in the second picture. 

Overall I am extremely pleased with these items. I am so grateful to Born Pretty Store for sending these items to me. 
As always, you can use my code at checkout for a 10% discount- CRZX31

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great weekend!

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